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Recommended Ipod Adaptor For 2005 Lexus Gs430

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Dear All, I am new here so be kind :). I have just bought a 2005 Lexus GS430 and would like to fit an ipod adaptor to the standard head unit. I am very handy so more than likely can fit it myself. Can anyone please recommend which one I should purchase? Many thanks in advance.

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I have researched this subject rather extensively and my conclusion was that there was nothing more cost effective for 2005 GS than the following guys.


I had it shipped with the Lexus plug and play harness for $72 bucks. It worths every penny.

Installation is simple. The player is easily routed and hidden in the glove compartment. It reads either USB sticks and SD cards. Tested up to 16 gb. It reads up to 15 folders as virtual disks in CD2 changer. You can cycle between CD1 and CD2 changers by pressing the CD button. Each folder supports up to 1000 files in MP3 format. Now, the most important thing, the quality of the MP3 reproduction is outstanding. Seriously. It may not sound as good as my pair of $500 headphones via vintage Sony audio amplifier; however, there is nothing really to complain when the decent quality MP3 goes through Mark Levinson.

There are some drawbacks. You actually have to remember where exactly you put your music. There is no easy way to navigate or search for the songs. This is the inherited issue related to the lack of folder/MP3 support by 2005 GS player. This is how it will be regardless of what media player you install in there.

Also, you have to name the folders following specific convention and may be few other minor things. However, the bottom line remains the same. You get a very good MP3 player with seamless integration for very modest amount of money.

If you are around north part of Brisbane we can arrange the time for you to see how it performs in my GS.

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Thanks Sockeye. I am really glad to hear that it works so well. Unfortunately I have already ordered one of these:


I haven't received it yet as I only ordered it on the weekend.

My biggest concern now is fitting the thing without damaging the vehicle. How did you find this? Did you do it yourself? To clarify you installed yours in the Glove Compartment (not in the Centre Console)?

I am also in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

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Yup. I considered GTA kit too. It is a very decent product, but I did not want to be committed to any apple devices.

I did place the media player in the glove compartment as my goal would be an integration where I could control everything from the cars controls. With ipod you would be better off placing it in the centre console.

Disassembly is simple. Look it up on YouTube, be gentle and take your time. You will be fine.

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