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Hi All,

Can someone provide an answer to the errors showing on the navigation screen.

I have an official version of Sensis Maps installed and was working fine, then all of a sudden the above error messages started to occur. Will I have to replace the boot mounted unit or is there a quick fix for this problem?

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There might be something with the disk itself.

Find the unofficial image of the navi disk, burn and try it in your unit. Or ask some one to loan you their navi DVD. I am sure there are some older versions of these disks floating around.

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Thanks for the reply, Sockeye.

I still have the official 2007 version of maps. I have reinstalled this version but it's still not reading the disc. I previously had a burned *iso image of the official 2010 maps installed, which was working fine until it decided to just stop working for whatever reason.

I rang Melb City Lexus, they advised performing all the tests that they would do, which I have already done, but still no good. They then said that the ECU inside the unit would probably need to be repaired at the cost of between $600 - $1200 dollars.

I think the best bet now is to buy a seven inch TomTom Sat Nav for a couple of hundred and stick it to the screen.

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You could do that I guess. But you will end up with an ugly screen sitting on your dash. That's assuming you will hide the wiring. Not very clean.

If you have to replace the reader, I am pretty sure one could be found online either in Oz or internationally for not a lot of money.

Good luck.

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I am currently driving a 2006 Lexus GS430 and the streets (and street names) on the GPS display seem quite thin and spidery.
(compared with the Garmin and Tom Tom map displays that I've been used to using on other vehicles)

Could someone please have a look at the two attached pics below and tell me if this appears normal ?
(or could there be something not working correctly with the display ?)



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