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Light Mods On The 2Is (Led Drl Colour, Projector And Speedometer Retro

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This blog is in japanese (A language which i dont know..because im Australian), hahaha, BUT i can enjoy the pictures :) ;


The blog has heaps of cool mods which they do on the 2IS, such as changing the Colour of the LED DRL
There is even pictures of trying to fit the 2014 LS460 LED DRL into the 2IS headlight which looks awesome!!

Could someone who know Japanses please Translate some of the content ??

Here are some random pics from that blog also:


LS 460 LED DRL 2014, fitting them into 2IS Headlight ??


8000k DRL Colour Mod


4200k VS 8000k


Is this a Lexus CLONE ??


LED DRL motherboard, LEDs look dim without their REFLECTORS :)


Another GS F Sport Bumper on a 2IS :D, would love to do this in AU, but will cost an arm and leg..


Seat Mods.. IS 250 to IS F seats


Looks soooooooooo cumfy..

There is heaps of intersting stuff on that blog, wish we could perform some of these mods in AU, (or have shops and such which do these kind of mods)
I wouldnt recommend performing these mods as some are very risky and of extreme difficulty, use at your OWN risk lol.

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