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Police Chase Lexus @ 205Kmh In Sydney This Morning

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Absolutely crazy......not a good thing.

Certainly don't want our cars getting this type of profile with the Police.

Hope they throw the book at him.

Sunday, 29 December 2013 05:19:27 PM

Police have charged a teenager after he was allegedly clocked at more than 200km/h in Sydneys north this morning.

About 6.50am (Sunday 29 December), police from Harbourside Highway Patrol were conducting speed enforcement on the Warringah Freeway at North Sydney for Operation Safe Arrival.

They spotted a black Lexus sedan travelling north, well in excess of the 80km/h speed limit.

Officers clocked the cars speed at 205km/h.

Police followed the Lexus, which took the Willoughby Road off-ramp. Officers will allege the car then travelled along Willoughby Road at between 130km/h and 140km/h in a 60km/h zone.

The Lexus slowed to around 40km/h when officers activated their lights and sirens but did not stop.

A slow speed pursuit continued along several local roads before the Lexus stopped on Penshurst Street.

When police were handcuffing the 18-year-old driver, his girlfriend got out of the car and started assaulting the officers.

She was eventually placed under arrest.

Police searched the car and found a 45cm long machete and 30cm long metal blade under the drivers seat.

The pair was taken to Chatswood Police Station where the driver returned a breath analysis of 0.137.

The Chinese national has been charged with exceed speed limit by more than 45km/h; drive in a speed dangerous to the public; police pursuit (Skyes Law); and mid-range PCA.

The man holds a Chinese drivers licence and as such has been issued with a notice suspending his authority to drive in NSW.

His 18-year-old girlfriend has been charged with assaulting and hindering police. The pair will appear at Downing Centre Local Court on 30 January 2014.

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