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Has anyone managed to source a rear sway bar yet for the IS350 f sport. Really sick of the under steer. If so, from where, how much, what size, was it adjustable and are you happy with the results?

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I just came back from a suspension manufacturer this in Brisbane (who I have used in the past) this morning to ask about a custom rear bar. He advised it was not worth doing unless I replaced the diff with a limited slip unit as the stronger rear bar will only make it cock the inside rear wheel and make the understeer problem worse. The better option he advised was to drop the front ride height by 10mm or so.

On a side note he said the tyres are wearing badly from the camber. Or more realistically the lack of camber adjustment. He advised to keep onto Lexus and chase them for new tyres when they wear out prematurely. He said he hss has a number of people come in and have this issue with new cars and the manufacturer has replaced the tyres for free instead of putting in camber kits. The wear issue is on the front and rear.

Looks like a trip to Lexus this week for a little chat.

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yeah apparently my car has a better allignment 'after' my spring install then stock - thats pretty sad lol.

unfortunately I did not get the specs but I was told the tyres would wear more evenly now..

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