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Experiencing a problem with my '07 is250 sat nav where there seems to be stickiness between the glass and screen forming a 'bubble'. When in 'map', the map will (on it's own) move in the direction of the bubble.

I've tried light pressing around the bubble to "unstick", even the use of a suction cap but no luck so far...

has anybody experienced this before and know of any fixes?

thanks in advance!



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Thank you

That bubble is actually "Air", on some waterproof iPhone cases, there is the same sort of "rainbow looking small bubble" and it's said to be "Air" which is trapped.

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So i'm thinking i need to just take the plunge and buy a new screen, find this on ebay


i msg'd the guy and he said lexus have 3 different kinds of screens and to open it up and take photos to send...

(hopefully) to save time, does anybody know already which specific screen i need for an 07 is250?

These are the 3 kinds that he has...


Thanks in advance guys!

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