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Greets & Expectant My12 Owner


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Transaction in motion but a few weeks away,

A little about the journey to the IS F. Brief from the wife was for 4-door performance sedan. This all started with test drive in new WRX, but we would be looking at the STi Premium, drove new Audi S3 sedan as more refined option to Subaru. S3 sounded great on full noise...but felt what it is - 2LT turbo working hard.

When Ford confirmed the Ford XR8 pricing was this >< to putting down deposit (first 2 allocations all sold). But my wife glanced over the 'taxi' interior that has remained since 2008 and all bets were off. Dad was "yep, one the last Aussie muscle cars and brand new"..."but it's just a Ford!" I bemoaned, despite the hoon in me loving the specs and potential of the SC 'Miami V8' - 385kW on the overboost mode and finally it will go around corners with GT-F suspension.

So the 'luxury' parameter came to the fore - usual suspects M3, C63 -test drives hard to come by in Canberra, so none taken. Oh, there's one of each already parked in neighbour driveways in my street...scratch that have to get something less common. My wife was adament to not join the throng of BMW/Merc/Audi commuters in the capital ;)

'Hang on, wasn't there a performance Lexus from a couple years back?' I pondered...another night lost to the interwebs...Yep IS F - wow look at that it has a dry-sumped, Yamaha-tuned (I'm a bike nut too), titanium valved stonking V8 and drink less juice than my 350Z V6. Paddle-shift auto...well I do like my manual box, but blip on down change and 8 - count them 8 speeds - economy and performance and luxury - "honey, I found the car for us!".

Been reading the threads on Lexus Chatswood exhaust with warranty upgrades - definitely can't bear any drone...current Nissan 350Z has stainless steel dual 2.4" with resonators and it's terrible under light load :unsure:

Although I modded the Z with enlarged plennum, Haltech ECU, exhaust I don't really envisage doing much to the IS F so went for the MY12+ which has most (all?) the updates to be virtually same as the MY14 cars in the dealers and I love the BBS wheels.

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Flame blue, black interior hopefully finalised in about 2 weeks.

I will loose a weekend detailing the car including claybar before taking some images myself - these from the seller.



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Congrats! I was in a very similar position. Had a 370z for 3 years before deciding I needed a V8 and 4 doors. Very seriously considered an M3 but couldn't refuse the value proposition of an ISF particularly after a test drive. You won't regret it, they are a fantastic car.

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Congrats Mark! You'll totally love the IS-F mate, so nice to drive! :)

Nice and sedate when driving normal, and a beast when you give it some stick! I can't get my wife out of mine, she won't even drive our Honda anymore now lol! :p

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