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Black Is300 Sydney Light Mods (Bolt On Upgrades)


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Been busy over on my.is and altezzaForum but thought I would register here. I would recognise Wesley, Ton and Danny (I had the Mr2 turbo back in the day when you had your BNR32 :P when we would meet up at Parra)

Here is my lightly modded 2004 IS300 AUDM spec car. I had finished this around the same time as Nick (Lexism) but have remained quiet. Have been driving with the mods daily for 2 years on low boost.


Dyno video - 263RWKW @ 12 Psi factory Torque converter is robbing power

Mods are mostly bolt on parts

- A650e bypassed factory under radiator cooling

- GTE Internals (Head gasket, Pistons and rods etc)

- BC 264 2JZGE VVT-i Cams

- PTE6262 .82AR T4 Divided

- 650cc Injectors

- 3.5" Exhaust into 3" Metal Cat

- Premium Japan Throttle Converter Kit Deletes DBW

- Haltech PS2000

- 17 " Prodrive mono block

Future mods

- Install built A650e with Jeff Tsai's 20mm Dual cage Sprag and IPT VB mod

- Supra Front brake conversion

- Rear Tires?

- 1000cc Injectors

- Dual fuel pumps

- Fuel Regulator and return line

TL:DR Black IS300 with PTE 6262 blew ring lands piston #1 on. Opened engine found block and head still perfect even had factory cross hatching hone marks dropped in Supra internals.

If I was todo this again would I just buy a 2JZ vvti clip? Maybe.. but the bolt on aspect and keeping factory engine just changing bits did not cost over 8k total :)

If any one here needs a factory Air box, Factory cats/headers and Suspension (100,000kms) let me know

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