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Ilv1004s Gs350 Storm Trooper Build Thread

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So had my baby for a year now

Daily driver as my ISF was too hardcore to drive everyday

i was looking to get a GS450H F sport in the begining but couldnt get over the CVT

but after having it for a year i do regret a little bit not getting the hybrid as i only get 450km out of a full tank (heavy foot driver)

but changing through 8 gears is more fun than a 1 speed right???




as soon as i got the GS i named her Storm trooper

may 2014


First mod came in the mail after driving for 2 days (304kms on the dash)


mmmmm much more angryness

Storm trooper stayed like this for another year or so

fast track to 2015 may i had a slow leak on my right rear wheels

ended up being a nail has been stuck on there for a very long time

thinking it was a faulty wheel i took it to lexus and they revealed it as a nail stuck on the tyres

so instead of running of space savers i put the Weds wheels that was off my ISF (now sold) on Storm trooper


This is how she sits at this stage

19" WedsSA55 19x9 and 19x10s

wasnt sure of the look but i kinda like it after 2 weeks

so ordered new TPMS sensors for the wheels and also LED door sills

more updates to come!

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Looks fantastic Danny, Love the Storm Trooper look of the front end and head lights,can't wait to see the finish.

The Force is Strong with this One lol.

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Sooo new update
JDM Foggies!



stock F sport doesnt have Fog light function



New stalk 20150728_162940_zps7fmwayao.jpg

make it all work


new stalk


JDM LED Foggies in action


Tropper looks awsome!! with foggies upgrade

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As always with your stuff Danny very nice and very well done.

You never take the easy way. Always done to perfection.

Have you thought about putting black vinyl wrap on the middle of the front bar behind the number plate?


We have done a few of them and it does give it a meaner look. Even more Storm Trooper like :)

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