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Hey all, I've done a heap of research with little help, I boughg my wife an is200 recently and now trying to get some more power out of it, I don't want to go down the path of an engine swap so a turbo seems the best bang for buck solution, hardware wise it's a piece of cake and should be all done over a weekend, the issue i'm going to have is tuning, this I know very little about, i'm only planning on running very low boost, 5psi and a high boost of 7/8psi it won't yeid much in the power figures I know but it also won't blow the motor! What I need to know is, will the factory ecu handle a little bit of boost? And will it NEED a tune? If so what is the cheapest solution to this? I'll be happy with a 20/30 hp gain, any more will be a bonus, thanks for the help!

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yes the factory ecu will handle abit of boost but it wont be running to its potential at all

dont really think a modest HP upgrade with a turbo kit is worth the hassles of being defected

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Yeah I know I won't be a tyre melting monster but if it gets a bit more power then it's worth it for the little it will cost to make it, it will be all as well hidden as possible, the car itself is completely stock with 110,000km on it, it's actually my wife's car and she wants the turbo! Will be running a black fmic and black piping and if it does get defected which i'm almost 100% it won't them I'll just get a mod plate for it, can't be too hard 😉

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Look into TTE (Europe) IS200, there was a factory (dealer fit?) IS200 Turbo for that market.

Expensive way to turn the IS200 into something a little more powerful. The 1G-FE was an economy motor suited for a much lighter car.

Better to go to a 3S-GE (or better still, a 3S-GTE) as it's going to be a much better car to drive, a much better engine, and still retains the weight balance that made the IS200 a sweet handling car (as long as you were going downhill). If your wife doesn't do manuals, then the 3S-GE isn't going to cut it though.

The other problem is, the 3S-GE isn't common here (AUDM Celica is about the only one I can think of offhand, unless you import a half-cut from a JDM Caldina or more logically Altezza) - and it will probably be older than the IS200 which can be a problem (I think Qld is ok for putting an older engine in a newer body ?).

Best option is to simply sell the IS200 and buy an IS300 (or find one of the 36 or so Altezza's imported in over the years if you want the 3S-GE). You get a 40% increase in power, arguably the best Toyota engine of the 90s, and the extra weight of the 2JZ-GE can be counteracted to a degree. The 2JZ will probably also not be as thrashed as a 1G-FE as it has the power the 1IS needed (and the 2JZ will last for 300k or more, I'm on just over 200k and it's as fresh as new).

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Have installed a kit from Turbokits.com for a mate in Adelaide. (IS200Platinum) I think it would be perfect for what you are looking for. Good quality, complete kit with extra fueling.

He has owned the car since almost new and it had to still drive perfectly like stock with exept with 60% more power. And it does :-) It has a little turbo, decent cast manifold,

discrete intercooler and all piping and heat shielding. Not a beast by any means but a nice, driveable , quick little car.

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