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O2 Sensor For An Is300

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Has anyone had any joy (or otherwise) sourcing replacement O2 sensors for the 2JZ-GE? I'm having trouble with mine, and my mechanic can't source an aftermarket item that fits properly, and has the same wiring connections.

Original replacements are in the order of $500 from Japan, with a huge lead time. I would be interested if anyone has had issues with the sensors, and how they solved said issues.

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Hey mate,

Try Bosch from any where really. I think every super cheap auto can order them in for you and I think there are a few on ebay atm, new and used. There are 3 sensors, 1 for the first 3 cylinders, 1 for the last 3 cylinders and then one further down the exhaust.

I had the same issue when my IS300 was running rough. Took it in to my mechanic for a service a little early he said he was getting 2 errors, one was for an ignition coil and one was for an o2 sensor. We replaced all the coils, spark plugs and leads in one hit and both errors went away..... so I stopped looking for the o2 sensor after that.

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Hey W_M

Thanks for the info. Any idea if all 3 sensors are the same, particularly if the attached wiring is the same (plug configuration, wire lenght)?

I know, I'll have to get under there and have a good look. :|

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