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Lexus Price Increase?


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Hello everyone, I am a naive first time car buyer so would really appreciate your advice.

In June I ordered my dream car, an IS350, at an agreed upon driveaway price, paid the $1000 deposit and waited. 3 months later the car has finally arrived, but two days before pickup the dealer says the car is a new spec and the factory have released the new price which has gone up by "only $1,500"...

Was wondering if lexus often add new features and increase prices like this? And is it normal practice for a dealer to order from the factory without knowing what the price will be?


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The prices are meant to be going DOWN with the Japanese FTA. I believe one of the members on here posted the revised pricing not too long ago.

For your situation, if you have it in writing on the price (with no caveats in the fine print), then legally the dealer has to honour the contract at the agreed price. If they don't, contact the ACCC.

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