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  • 3 years later...

Sorry to bump up a post from 3 years ago but I still own this car and I think its time for a long awaited update

At the time, my IS300 Platinum had 19" BBS Wheels with TEIN Comfort Sport coilovers.

Here are some pics of the car as its sitting right now




- Custom stainless catback exhaust system

- BC Racing BR RA Coilovers (engineered legal in AUS)

- 17x8 +35 Enkei RPF1

- Bridgestone RE003 Potenza tyres (215/45/r17)

- AR5 Manual Conversion

- Slotted brake rotors + performance pads



Hoping to keep active on this forum from now on! got more stuff coming 🙂

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks for the reply @ilv1004s! Good to see that you are still around!

It is a replica Greddy lip from ebay which fits horribly, looks fine from any further
than 2 or 3 meters away however

Currently have a genuine altezza elegance bumper that i will be swapping on in the
next couple of months hopefully. Needs some work to make it fit with headlight washers
but will be worth it nevertheless


Im either going to be going NA-T on this engine next year or buying a targa top SW20 MR2
as a weekender, just depends on what i feel like once i get the money

Will post more pics and a quick build log later on! If you want to move this thread to a 
builds forum for when i post updates later then that is fine by me!


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  • 3 years later...

@ilv1004sHey mate! Still got the IS300

I am not active on forums anymore however I am very active on my instagram account for my car @jce10.jp

Would love it if you could give that a follow, you have seen my car since 2015 when I first got it and I have done
so much with it since purchasing it back then, almost everything from early 2018 onwards has been documented
on the instagram account

Thanks again!

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