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Guys, Anybody Considered Any Tuning For Nx?

Alex S.R.

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I'm waiting for my new 200t and thinking of adding some individuality to it

There are following items in my list:

1. Wheels

2. Spoiler at the 5th door

3. Some bumpers or spoilers.

Has anybody done anything to your NX already?


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Hi Alex,

Google NX TRD body kit. This is the TRD kit from Toyota. It looks pretty good. But I don't' think it's offered here. I think some dealers can get it but it'll cost yo and arm and a leg. But if someone knows where to get it I'd like to know about it too.

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I am considering to change the arch fenders to the factory painted set. However, it costs a lot including shipping from Japan.
Besides, I have changed all rear light to LED unit, including reverse light and signal indicators. I also added TOM's engine tower bar to boost up the steering response. It is surely an item worth to get.

The next one I should do it is to add the shark fin antenna back on the roof. I don't really like the looking in Australia. Compared to other countries of the world, we are the only country using integrated antenna.


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May I suggest an alternative?


I'm currently getting my 2012 IS350 tuned from these guys and reviews seem to be great.

If all goes well, I am considering in being their distributor in Australia for the Lexus community for the 250, 350, 200t range.

Do keep in mind that any of these tunes will result in an instant void in warranty.

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