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  1. Check out this Tom's Engine Mod, https://tw.bid.yahoo.com/item/車庫小鋪-TOM-S-動力盒子Power-BOX-IS200T-NX200T-RX2-c85474757 Looks like it boost the power on earlier RPM, makes it more responsive
  2. Hi all, Anyone know a good service shop for Lexus servicing ( beside dealers) in Melbourne ,VIC area? Might need to do one very soon.. odo is around 45k's Thanks
  3. For Sale: - Metal OEM Rear Bumper Protector (Made in Italy) - $70 - Brand New - Black OEM Rear Bumper Protector (Made in Canada) - $60 - Brand New - Original Metal Side Kick Plate (Set) - $30 As New Pick-up at Mascot / North Sydney / Sydney CBD area or contact me for more details
  4. AFAIK Siri Eyes Free is not available on Australia spec, but it is available on US Specs car
  5. How do you arrange shipping?
  6. Finally they decided to added Pandora to their Enform app only took a year.. still only 4000k on the odo :(
  7. Had the car for 6mths now, but still no news of Pandora app for Australia Lexus Enform.. So behind compared to a toyota corolla or a hyundai where they already have android auto and carplay integration.. Come on Lexus.. Lift up your game.!!
  8. Well that was quick, Car Advice: http://www.caradvice.com.au/357460/lexus-nx200t-189-vehicles-recalled-for-abs-actuator-fault/ To check your VIN, https://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/1071891
  9. Vouch for Heassman Steering as well, they are located on Princess Hwy, Tempe
  10. Hey Zach Loooking great.. Wondering how long did it took you to paint the calipers? Thinking doing mine as well.. Mario
  11. All new RX have been unveiled on the New York motorshow, Short video from autoguide.com, http://youtu.be/hsP-h2yZ4bI From auto blog: http://www.autoblog.com/2015/04/01/2016-lexus-rx-350-450h-new-york-2015/ Should arrive in Australia by 2016? Looks like they kept the 5 seaters configuration, not going 7 seaters Like, - Huge 12.3" BMW style head unit screen - new design steering wheel (similiar with BMW M-Sport design) - first gen remote touch interface - panoramic roof - 8-speed auto transmission standard for 3.5L engine - fresh interior design & seats design: - L-Design head and tail lights - Implementation of the triple LED head light with the Nike swoosh LED is the better one than the NX / RC / IS (more integrated look) - F-Sport 20" wheels looks great Con, - Black D-Pillar- they didnt implement it properly like Land Rover cars - Still no option for 7 Seaters - Front fog lamp placement - The new engine got DI now, but still lack behind others Overall, i think it will be still very popular and big seller in US market..
  12. I'm getting around 11'ish around city driving havent really get around to drive much.. still 400 on my odo :(