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Safety recall


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Just curious if anyone else had to take their ISF into a Lexus dealer to address a safety reacall.

Last few days i just received a letter (previous owner updated the details so i eventually got the letter)

2 things needs fixing

1. Fuel delivery pipes in the engine compartment manufactured with Nickel Phosphate plating to protect against corrosion.  To minimise the risk of vehicle fire, they need to address the sealing property of the gasket seated in between the pressure sensor and the pipe

2. Screws holding the engine cooling fan could become loose and interfere with the fans.  If the fans become damaged, engine coolant temps could increase

So they may need to clean the fuel pressure sensor gasket and maybe replace cooling fan assembly.

I still think the ISF are reliable and better to be safe than sorry :-)

Ps Just secretly hoping someone stuffs up and they give me an RCF as a loaner for the day :-)

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I believe so.  I only got the car recently myself so the letter made reference to trying to make contact before so i suspect the previous owner filled out the section for change of ownership.

For me it was only minor, just cooling fan screws and a gasket changed.  On the flip side though i got a decent loan car for the day, they washed my car, polished the interior, even vacuumed the baby car seat as it had a few crumbs and i even got a box of Lexus tissues so it is exciting to blow my nose lol

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This is the second time I've seen cooling fan mentioned in these forums, but I'm curious as the only mention of IS F related recalls on the government website is for fuel pressure sensor gasket affecting 2005-2010 models.


I have received no correspondence from Lexus for any recalls for MY12.



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