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Just got my Lexus :)

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Just saying hi!

Picked up my first Lexus last week from Melbourne City Lexus, its an is350 F Sport and I'm loving it :)

I'm still getting used to all the functions but have to say that its such a nice car to drive...

....now I just have to resist using the power ECT setting with S+ mode everywhere haha

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Thanks lads...

The Nav definitely needs to be updated...is this something I can do myself or I need to get the dealer to sort out?

Will consider the F Sport intake for the future but for now I'll just enjoy the car as it is for a bit. Does it make a huge difference?

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An intake will only give you a nicer tone upgrade on the car with very MINIMAL upgrades to horsepower.

If you want more power you're looking at full bolt ons and possibly a tune from Japan.

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the sound change with the f sport intake is pretty special tho :)

and its an OEM part.. so, perfect really.

NAV can do, check youtube.

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Like Vaku said,

even though it's minimal horsepower gains it gives the car a nice tone.

I do however, remember an IS350 with the F Sport intake doing around 200rwkw at dyno day.

Stock does around 191rwkw.

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Doesn't seem to be many visitors in the IS forum so I'll post this here as well:


1 hour ago, is350Fsport said:

I'm shopping for tyres for my 350F as the dealer supplied tyres were Nankang noble sports and they are rubbish. They're not allowed to sell with a used tyre, so cheap china is the usual practice as they have to make money somewhere anyway.

Can't decide between either:

- Pirelli P Zero

- Bridgestone R003

- Yokohama AD08R

- Michelin Pilot Super Sports

I'm thinking going the AD08R as they're just an amazing tyre, irrespective of whether tracked or not...but wanted to know what the r003s or the PSS were like.

The T-mart been advising to stay away from P-Zero ...according to them, its an old tyre and wears quickly after the initial wear in (truth as that is really a typical Pirelli characteristic)

I don't think anything compares to the AD08Rs though... also not many options out there with the 255/40 rears.


These Nankangs are super scary as soon as its wet and they don't track well on the motorways. Dry is only just ok like any other base grade tyre.

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