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    FS: ISF Joe Z PTS Exhaust

    Yeah but this is louder and in my opinion has more drone than the XForce- you wanted quieter mate. Would have gone against what you wanted. Don’t beT yourself up 😊
  2. Mate sorry to hear this! i would say bite the bullet sell it and start again but it will be tough to sell a butchered up exhaust like that. not point in trying to polish up a turd. If you hate it scrap it. Again unfortunate. how much was it for the mufflers, the hi flow cats and the flange work? any pics to help describe what you’re talking about?
  3. mate - Chatswood all the way. Speak to Scott or Chris - tell them that Alex D with the ISF sent you. They will take great care of you
  4. Not that many inconsistencies- michaels ‘freak car’ is actually an RCF - so it should be making around that much. kevins car was just reset a few days earlier so computer was still ‘relearning’. drop in panel filter and elbow really only makes 0-3hp atw. Not enough to even talk about. the main thing with our cars is that they are very sensitive to heat. Idling for too long, or driving straight on from a long trip will net different results to a car that has had time to cool down. i.e a 5 degree difference in intake temp can make a 15kw difference in power on dyno 👍🏼
  5. BUMP once more - been offered $900 but trying to organise pick up. If anyone is willing to match - first in best dressed
  6. As title suggests, I’m selling my XForce Isf exhaust. After a quick sale only on the car for 18months and 15k kms. retail -1470. Advertises for 1200, dropped to 1100 now BARGAIN of $990 NOW ONLY $900 $900 for a full header back quality ISF exhaust- cheapest in AUS Chatswood pick up only selling due to upgrade Contact me with questions

    Engine mounts

    May be the way in Brisbane - but the Chatswood boys are on the ball. They know your car inside and out, great at trouble shooting and fairly priced. I’d even go as far as saying that I’d get Chris to work on all my cars regardless of make or model. He has worked on LFAs, high performance Porsche’s plus many other performance exotics.

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    yah but John, 1:1 may not be in 6th gear for the Bugatti - it may be 4th, it may be 5th?? as a general recommendation for ANY car, to get the truest reading you want to dyno it in 1:1 thats not my opinion, thats not any of my mechanic mates or dyno operator opinions, its well documented. each to their own - as long as everyone is happy :)

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    400hp at the wheels is around 500hp at the engine. so I don't now where those figures are from. but as we said, its the feel and the difference between the mods, no the overall final figure. glad your happy with it dude. hope to see you in a few weeks time at the cruise
  10. BCHLER

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    Haha I saw that and thought mine didn’t have that high .... his car must pull like nothing else lol
  11. BCHLER

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    thats exactly right bro - as long as everything is done consistently in the same environment thats the best measure. anyone trying to measure d$$k size by saying 'ohh. mine heaps more powerful can go jump. its YOUR pre results, vs your post results - and what you feel by your bum dyno lol
  12. BCHLER

    sydney isf tuners who can recommend

    love the results man - good for you for going all out!!! just a question - why dyno in 4th? Isn't 6th gear the truest 1:1 as a rule of thumb our cars read a little higher in 4th. not trying to bash at all - just wanting to know the 'method behind the madness'
  13. BCHLER

    Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    Bro you said it yourself- low level of skill and using pre cut piecesZ I’m going by your photos - the fact that there were random cut marks, and pieces folded up over each other leaving creases is in my opinion not satisfactory. im not having a dig. Just giving you my opinion on what I would expect fornforking out that money. FYI - i have had direct experience with their services and recommended them to friends who have then used them. No such issues. But again I was fortunate to have found them.
  14. BCHLER

    Koop21 ISF Build Thread

    mate the only guys I would get PPF through in Sydney would be Pro Vinyl. Yes they are more expensive, but it will be x10 better and it would take 1 week. Less than satisfactory finish and experience