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Service and repair manual


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Hi all,

i have searched but not had much luck.  What im after is a link to download the service and repair manual for my 2008 ISF.  I have somehow misplaced it.  Its the manual that outlines what is carried out each service.

I have managed to find a downloadable link but its from the states so not sure how different it is to the Oz one.  The service intervals are in miles too so im not sure what service interval to reference.  i.e. 90000kms service or if miles, thats 56000 so do i refer to a service interval closer to that etc.

Does anyone know of a Oz download link.

This is what i did find but as said, in miles etc -  http://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms-s/L-MMS-08ISF/pdf/L-MMS-08ISF.pdf



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58 minutes ago, LTuned said:

I do not know about a down loadable version,  but I scanned this from my ISF service book, which shows what is carried out each service. I hope this will help.


Cheers, ill print it out.  Just wish i knew where in the hell i left it.  The book i lost has those service intervals written up in the small squares.  Im assuming i probably left it at the place that last serviced it for me as i hardly take the manual out.  Lexus Parra said its about $100 for a new one, i almost fell off my chair lol

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