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Warning Lexus service


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Just a warning on Lexus service my car had 71000km's when i bought it all seviced by Lexus i have been over the car (i am a mechanic) and i found i filthy air filter,maf pipe badly crimped (under the throttle body) and 2 plastic engine cover clips in the air box.also 1 of the aero"wings" just before the rear suspension was on backwards hitting the lower control arm ( the aero wings have L and R with a big arrow pointing forward) what f***ing monkey was working on it. Just go to a GOOD mechanic they are not hard to work on.

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Looking to service my car soon, not great news to hear.  Was this your first time at that Lexus dealer, surprised to hear they got it wrong on so many levels, sorry to hear.

Have you gone back to them, raised the issues with the service manager?

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This is how i bought the car JUST SERVICED by the same Lexus dealer since new,(one of the biggest in Sydney)it has extended warranty but the only thing i would take it to them would be if something major went wrong.I took photos of the "issues" ,i wouldn't take my mower to them.

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