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Lexus "Sticky" Dashboard replacement

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Hi all,

I thought that I'd post what's going on with my dashboard right now with the hope that it will be useful for other forum members.

As some of you know, I bought a 2007 LS 460 a few months back and there were the usual cosmetic things that I like to attend to when I get a new (used) car. One thing that frustrated me no end however was my complete inability to get rid of the shiny reflection from the dashboard, to make it worse, when trying to wipe it down when it was warm even with an Armor-All wet wipe, the dashboard would scar and scratch and the fibres would embed themselves into the surface of the plastic. After much web surfing, I found out that it was an inherent problem with many of the earlier LS460 due to an incorrect polymer recipe. This issue was even more prevalent in the IS models.

With little more than a faint hope that Lexus might do something with my 10 year old car, I contacted them directly and spoke with a customer service rep who told to attend a dealership for them to submit a report with photos to them.

When I got to Lexus Parramatta, they advised that there was already a release issued from Lexus and that owners of applicable IS and LS models would be eligible for a replacement dashboard at Lexus expense! Now there's a good enough reason to buy a Lexus!! 

Apparently my new dashboard has been ordered from Japan and should be in Sydney around the end of May with the whole replacement expected to take 1/2 day. I'll keep you posted. 




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I got the call from Lexus Parramatta, the dashpad was in and I booked the car in the following week.

i must say, I'm very impressed with results of a job that I wouldn't fancy tackling. Pictures below



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I've got to admit, the way I was treated and the fact that Lexus came to the party makes me feel looked after

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Great outcome.  Always good to see a manufacturer look after a customer.  

Many other's would argue and blame the customer.  Hmm your sticky dash is a result of you fitting an aftermarket stereo haha

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