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Hi guys, can you check out the attached pic?

At the front of the manifold, between the top and bottom half, there appears to be quite a gap. Doesn't look normal, but what do I know... 

Any thoughts?

Also, I am getting P172 and P175 codes for system too rich. Wondering if it be related...



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Ok for now I'm just taping it over with duct tape. Not that it really is making much of a difference. 

On another note, can someone tell me how f*cked I am? I was trying to change my spark plugs tonight. On the drivers side, middle cylinder, when I was disconnecting the cable that plugs to the ignition coil, the bloody clip that secures the cable to the socket broke off! Now there is nothing that's keeping the connector plugged. It's just shoved in. I took a test drive down to chatswood and back again... Didn't seem to get any misfires.... The cable doesn't seem to be springing out either, but still.... Can these connectors actually be replaced? I noticed that this was the only black one (the others were white, giving me the impression that these were changed before).

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