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Yesterday the fuel pump packed it in on my IS250 2007, i limped the car in safe mode a few kms back to my local mechanic and good mate and left it there for the day.

A new Bosch fuel pump was installed and the car is running and responding it should. BUT the new pump is so very loud at idle in the cabin etc.

Our lexus has always been so very quiet and smooth, I have never heard the fuel pump before while driving in its 178,000kms and 10 years.

Is this common with quality aftermarket parts, or should I have put a Lexus fuel pump in the car which may be quiet like the one its would replace?

Trouble is we live 150kms from a Lexus dealer. 

Any info from previous experience would be great - Cheers Grant

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OK problem now solved.

My local mechanic and good mate has now rectified the fuel pump noise issue.

Today he had time again to look at my car, and after Monday when a new Bosch fuel pump he installed which was only $100 odd dollars compared to a Lexus one of $700, well the Bosch one was ticking loudly right from the start at idle, reverse, low speed etc. but to bloody loud to be normal I thought for a quality branded product like Bosch.

Out came the rear seat and he added an extra clamp to hold the new pump in place firmly and all the noise stopped and it is as quiet as the original one - Very happy!! :)



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