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Hello Old Friends - From IS250 to ISF


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Hi Guys,

Following the true tradition of Lexus ownership, I have let go my old trusted IS250 (currently for sale) and became the new owner of ISFBloke's old car (MY11 Black ISF).

Before buying this car, I had exchanged some detailed messages with Andrew (ISFBloke) as well as getting the car fully inspected by Chris the master tech of Lexus Chatswood.

Some of the members here knows this ISF well, it had PPE header & RR racing USRS Bushing fitted and the last owner added JoeZ PTS exhaust, tuned by Autowerks in Beverly Hills currently output a health 275.7kw at the wheel quite consistent with what the US guys are getting with similar mods. I can see a few ISF owners here will be running this setup soon :D. I'm also considering to add the RR racing intake and oil catch can to complete the stage 1 bolt on upgrades.

To carry on the legacy of this awesome machine, it'll go to the track a few times per year, I was invited to the recent Burrows Drives Day at SMSP Eastern Creek sponsored by McLaren, had the chance to let loose the beast and chasing down a few 911s/M3/C63, only lost pace at the corners to AWD cars with the crappy road tyres I had. Upgrading to Rays wheel with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 !!! The car was pre & post track checked by Chris of Lexus, he is very excited to see this car back in the stables, big thumb up to Lexus Chatswood.

On the Burrows day, I also had the opportunity to test drive the new McLaren 720S, which is now my new favour supercar. And very pleased to meet an owner of RCF (Peter) testing his new RR racing oil catch can on the track who shares the same passion of Lexus, also goes to Chatswood for track prep. I've invited him to sign up this forum.

I look forward to join the F Club events both on or off track, the F are being used for school runs so I'm considering a few options to deal with the catless setup. I'm open for suggestion, highflow cat/PPE with stock exhaust/HKS SSM??? Exterior upgrades are also on the card - Tom's front lip and rear diffuser.

Andrew (ISFBloke), I wish you all the best in your oversea venture, your car is in good hands.

Drive Safe


Here is some photos showing off my three "babies" and the track day.








ISF Dyno Tune 1.jpg


ISF Dyno Tune 2.jpg

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Good news, that’s a good upgrade from your IS250, just a little bit more power. lol.   you will enjoy the ISF.

Yes Lexus of Chatswood are good, they look after my babies. 

I’ve been doing 2 track days a year with them, between May & September ish.  I like the cooler weather.   they are so much fun, & they get all the speeding out of your system.   Hopefully see you at a track day next year.

Happy ISF motoring.

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On ‎22‎/‎02‎/‎2018 at 11:37 PM, rakddon said:

any update to mods kyo?

Yeh mate, got all the parts lined up for this year 2018.

Body Armour 9H Ceramic Coating - Done, will post review after first wash.

HKS SSM Exhaust - In a container from Japan, due to arrive early March.

Intake - Still contemplating which one to get.

MCA Red Coilovers - On order, due to arrive early March.

Wald Diffuser - Going to Japan in early April Easter with the family, will try to find one while I'm there and ship it back. And see what I can find from Up Garage :D

Wheels - Running my track use 19" RAYS Volk G27 with Michelin Cup 2 at the moment, looking to get some more aggressive offset 20" for the street. I know ride quality gona be a shocker pairing this with the coilovers and lowered but awesome stance baby!

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