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I want to change my idle speed when AirCon Not on. ie up by 100rpm.
I have the cable but I cant find a section where I can make an adjustment.
Reason .. Idle is about 500 Aircon off. Give slightly rough idle. Lift to 600, smooth.
Changed and checked plugs etc.so just a tweak needed.

Search found similar ex: quote" If my A/C is off my idle is noticeably rougher than when it’s on." Seems to be a common issue but no one raised idle AC off.

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Lexus service said its normal. Prob closer to 600 than I stated.

TB been done. By upper engine clean I assume you mean inlet valves?  I dont think mine (350) has that issue.

Not really too worried but like to see what I can achieve.

When A/C on rises another 100 rpm and smooths out.

I found heaps of posts on USA forums with same queries, no real fix., but no one mentioned resetting idle A/C off so that what I was going to try next.

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