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IS200 / Altezza Manual Transmission Tunnel


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Hi there,

I am looking for a transmission tunnel cover plate <  diagram + photo > from an IS200 or Altezza manual for an IS300 Auto > Manual swap.

Despite still being listed as available my supplier in Japan has just advised that this part < 58261-53011 > is not currently available from Toyota.

The equivalent  pressing for the USDM IS300 5 Speed < 58261-53021 > is listed as discontinued so no luck there either.

I've had no luck at all so far with Wreckers;  apparently IS200 Manuals are now few / far between and in any case most send the body to the crushers once they've taken the parts off it.

Can anyone help? (yes I know I could fab up a box but I'd much prefer to cut out / use the proper pressing...)



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