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Most current [STABLE] DVD Version of Maps for IS250 (2010)

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I downloaded I believe its V21 off here quite some time ago and burned it to a DVD + disc, but its never been working reliably. What I mean is upon entering the search function, the system lags up and freezes sometimes for minutes on end. It eventually works and progresses, or it either gets so slow that I have to turn the car off as the whole NAV unit simply crashes.


I'd like to know what the latest stable version of maps is, and if possible what format DVD it must be burned to?

Can anyone help me out?



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9 hours ago, Atlantis said:

Sounds like a dodgy burn. I have seen v22 on DVD-R work perfectly fine in a 2009 model.

Perhaps try a different brand disc or burn speed.

That's exactly what it was. Re burned on a Sony DVD -R, with 0 issues!

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  • 4 years later...

Anyone suggest the instructions how to burnt. I just finished download the V25.iso and bought the verbatim blank DVD+R DL.

I plan to burnt and try for my car, IS250, 2010 model.

Thank you in advanced.

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from my readings, the V21 and V22 discs are actually the same content. 

When burning, try to do so at a slow speed. Can sometimes help with the quality of the track burn to the disc. 

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