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Are There Any Chaser In Aus/nz


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In Hong Kong Toyota/Lexus has many exciting models, besides the Altezza. A lot of them are (Twin-)Turbo charged, like the Aristo TT, and the Chaser.

The Chaser Tourer V has the 1JZ-GTE 6 Cylinder engine with officially 280ps (but much in real life :lol: ) They are relatively cheap (a lot cheaper than Altezzas), although the insurance is holding a lot of people off.


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Hong Kong does not have a law that forbids higher than 280ps cars. Japan used to have a Gentlemen agreement among Japanese car manufacturers that limits the power up to 280ps and max speed to 180kph for the Japan market. However, nowadays many cars have actually more power than 280ps.


Aristo/GS300 3.0l has about 230ps, or 77ps/l

Aristo Twin Turbo with 3.0l has only 280ps :rolleyes: (or 93ps/l which hard to believe, since many NA engines have higher power/l than this)

Chaser has a 2.0 Twinturbo also with 280ps

Skyline GT-T has 280ps using a 2l engine

Skyline GT-R has 280ps using a 2.5l engine

So, all these socalled 280ps engines are either downtuned, or have actually more than 280ps, but 280ps is giving as the official figure :lol:

Nowadays, Japanese car manufacturers are starting to quote officially over 280ps for some cars, thus breaking this 280ps agreement.

By the way, in the past non-Japanese cars were not committed to this 280ps gentlemen-agreement, therefore, a Ferrari 360 has 400ps, not 280ps in Japan.


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Wow!! A nice machine alright! The power AND TORQUE figures are the same as the GTR Skyline, and it is lighter. (all off the dreaded Russian web!) Being rear wheel drive only must be fun...

Oh- for the IS430!!

I've seen Chasers driving around Auckland and never taken any notice of them. Maybe its time to test drive a couple. :lol:

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Hey HKGS300-

You can find basiclly any used Jap import Over here in NZ, not AUS though, they have stronger laws against used imports, NZ is the heaven for used imports. 1/2 of our cars on the road are them now, if not half 40%, which is good to see because If we live off all NZ new cars used cars here will be even more expensive and also you will always see the same thing.

BTW thee Chaser is quick alright, but can it look anymore japanese?

Matt ;)

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