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I recently purchased a 2007 LS460 with 146K from Lexus of Perth, The car has been fantastic since purchasing, but I have noticed the dash gets very sticky in the hot weather, so much so it's difficult to remove a parking ticket when parked in the warm sun. The dash looks to be ok, e.g. there are no scratches of evidence of melting, but it just feels terrible when weather gets warmer.

I recently spoke to my local Lexus dealer about it, they effectively brushed me off, explaining that previous owner must have used chemicals on the dash and given the dash was made of leather it now is reacting differently. Upon returning home I noted Toyota had a recall around this time, that also impacted the LS460. http://australiancar.reviews/_pdfs/Toyota_WarrantyEnhancementProgram_ZE6.pdf

My question is, even though my dash looks ok now, I'm worried that it will continue to deteriorate and that Lexus won't be inclined to accept it needs to be replaced. (even if costs were split 50/50).

I'm keen to here feedback from other LS owners.

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This is a common problem for the IS Lexus in USA. ( with a recall) didn't know it affected  the GS, is the whole dash leather ?? check the us forum. That's a bit slack if you bought the car off Lexus of Perth have you shown them the dash on a hot day cheers.

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