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IS350F 2018+ - Did the Australia models come with LSD?

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Hi all,

I was reading the brochures for Lexus from US and reading forums from the US that the 2018 model and above came with a LSD. Just wondering if anyone on the forums know if this is the same for Australian models.


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The Australian Lexus website (https://www.lexus.com.au/models/rc/performance) says the following:

"For the F Sport grades, rear grip and traction has been significantly improved through the inclusion of a TORSEN Limited Slip Differential (LSD).
The LSD contributes to straight-line handling stability and high-traction during cornering by optimising traction between the rear wheels, helping to transfer power to the wheels that have the best grip".


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IS dont come with LSD for all model
only LSD model is is the 10-14 ISF previous gen
only regualr F sport RC's get LSD in Aus

dont think theres any option around the world with LSD for the IS350

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Ahh well. I guess the only way to know for sure is to ask service department for the part# with a 2019 vin plate. Will post back if I find any solid information.

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