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GPS Map Micro SD Card

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I have a 2014 RX350 F Sport and it has the original map data loaded. My neighbour has a 2019 NX300 and we are trying to copy the map micro SD card but Windows doesn't recognise it.

1. Is this possible? Do we need special software to do it?

2. If we do copy it can I use it in my RX?


Thanks in advance.

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Ive been involved in GPS forums afor some time. Ive not seen a method that works yet.

There is apparently? an embedded code in SD cards that is used to prevent data manipulation.

A forum like this would be the place to ask the question.


or have a read thru this site:


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G'day thehotline. I'm trying to update the maps on my 2012/13 RX which may be the same as yours. Have you actually located the SD card slot in your vehicle? I was under the impression that this model uses a USB stick to transfer the data to an internal hard drive - but I may well be wrong.


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From my experience an 2014 model of RX is supposed to have a completely different navigation system to what your neighbor has. Your have a gen 7 HDD based navigation system which is updated via a USB stick and requires a Licence Key input.  I don't believe you have an SD slot in your car for that matter and you are mixing incompatible maps and Nav systems.


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Thanks Octogenarian.  We'd sort of arrived at that conclusion.

I've got to say I really don't appreciate being locked out of my own car's systems in this way, especially at the extortionate charges imposed. I can buy a better-performing sat nav at Harvey Norman for a hundred dollars with free map updates for life, but Lexus want to charge me $400 to stick in a USB with the same map data, just encrypted. It doesn't fill me with joy. (Of course this complaint is not exclusive to Lexus).

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