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Squeaky front wheel


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Hi all, 

I recently started to hear a squeaky sound from the passenger front wheel after a long drive. It happened on all my last three long drives

. Please refer attached video. Went to Lexus and they said pads, bearings and suspension are okay.

did anyone experienced this before?

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Does it change if you gently apply brake pedal when moving?

Is it a rotational noise or a "bouncy" noise.

Can you hear it from the open passenger window?

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Hi guys,

sorry for the late response.

i took it to Sydney City Lexus three times and they couldn’t confirm where the noise is coming from.

finally I had some time and I removed the wheel and the brake calliper and there was a screw in between the calliper and the disk rotor. See photo below.


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I would be pretty annoyed with the dealer for not apparently not even looking! Did they charge you? I hope not....

I also wonder how a screw, from where? could get trapped there.

I would send that pic to the service manager with a link to this thread.

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They wanted to charge me but I didn’t accept to pay as they failed to find the issue. I was thinking to send them the photo as well.

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