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Information/advice on installing exhaust cutout on 2012 IS250

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I've decided to go for electronic exhaust cutout and looking for any tips and/or advice from people who have installed them on their cars. Main reason for cutouts is I enjoy the luxury and quiet aspect of the IS250, but also want to have some fun with it.

The main decision I need help in making is the location to put the cutout. From what I can see on the Exhaust System Diagram, there are 3 main locations to place the cutout:

  1. Before the muffler and after the resonator - this looks like the easiest location to install
  2. Before the resonator and after the secondary catalytic - this looks difficult to install as there doesn't seem to be much space. I've seen people suggest to do a resonator delete and installing a cutout inplace of the resonator.  My concern with this is the permanent removal of the resonator and droning.
  3. Before the secondary catalytic and after the primary catalytic - the cutout would have to be installed after the oxygen sensors (I've looked into bypassing the sensors and that is not something I'm willing to do) and I would need two of them. 

In order of preferences, it would be 3->2->1 as I'm just looking for a louder and deeper exhaust note. 

Location 3 looks like this on the IS-F. However, the piping before the secondary catalytic does not seem to be the same for the IS250. This is my main concern as I'm not sure what these pipes are and whether they serve a specific function. If these pipes can be replaced without any side effects, I would opt for location 3 as this would essentially be a straight pipe with the cutouts in this location.

For the actual cutout itself, I've only found the XForce Varex and the Proflow Series II. Would appreciate if anyone knows of/installed other brand exhaust cutouts near Sydney or can be shipped.


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