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Please Help - IS200

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Hi Lexus Owners

I have a problem with my IS200 2002

It all first started when driving the car the revs would start to drop and the car will run really rough then stall  - it would start straight up again the it would idle 2500 revs and the brake pedal would be really soft and the car would be hard to stop and crawling pace 

I have taken the car to my trusted Mechanic and he had it for a couple of weeks he called people and the common thing that would pop up would be that the Throttle Body was causing this whole issue  - they would have the car hooked up but no error codes would be showing.

I eventually took the car to an auto electrician to see if there was any electrical problem with the car but they couldn't find any issue and they came to the conclusion that the Throttle body was the main cause to all the problems of the cars revs running high then low then high then eventually stalling.

I managed to find a second hand throttle body off a wreckers he claimed the car was in an accident and it only completed 69000Kms so i bought it and got my Auto Electrician to install the second hand Throttle Body and this worked worse then my original one so he hooked it up and notice something wasn't right he found that the VVT Solenoid was dirty and stuck and it wasn't working properly so he removed and repaired and installed it back up he test drove for a week and told me the car was running without any issues 

I picked it up tonight and i noticed now that it ran perfect until something triggered the revs to sit at 2500rpm then my engine light turned on so i switched my car off immediately, 10 mins later i switched back on and the car ran perfect until something triggered it again to increase revs without my foot on the pedal  - so i left in gear in my street without my foot on the pedal and the car went from 0 to 40km and going through the gears as if i was accelerating 

Has anyone with a IS200 2002 model had any of these issues before - your help any in is much appreciated as i dont want to get rid of this car 

Also Could anyone provide any Mechanic who specialises in these cars in Melbourne 

Thanks again for your assistance     

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you need a new TB 

should be around 150 or so used

if you need a new TB i have one i can ship to melb

pm me or

message us through our facebook page on 

lexmania australia


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Hi thanks for the reply 

Would a TB be Throttle Body?

If so i have already another one that i bought and it didn't seem to fix the problem



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