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IS-F Full exhaust options in Australia?

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Hey everyone,

I have not long ago bought a 2010 ISF and absolutely love it. That is with a few exceptions. 2 of those are exhaust related. I can hear the dreaded ticking noises and it seems my stock headers are cracked on the passenger side. The other exhaust issue is the X force catback that came with the car has a muffler that rattles like mad.

I am now faced with an expensive upgrade or fix for both issues and so I'm investigating what systems I can get here. There are two requirements I need though:

1. Needs to be fairly quiet, particularly on cold starts
2. Needs to have a cat or two somewhere

Of course, I can look to replace the mufflers on the existing catback system solving one issue, but I'm also thinking that as it's the non-valved version of the X-force, once I replace the aftermarket headers it's going to be too loud for my neighbours (all of whom are elderly).

Any help or suggestions would be most welcome as I don't know much about the Lexus modding world and particularly what is available in Australia as options. I have googled myself and seem to only be able to see the very expensive Novel system which is out of my price range unfortunately.

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Had a similar problem with my Focus ST - did consider the X-Force valved unit (my neighbours are also elderly). Ended up just going with a Cobb catback system - and just started and left the house quickly.....

That - or if you can stump up the $$$ - the valved X-Force may be the best option?


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