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Hi there, long timer lurker but first time poster on in this page. 

Recently I have been working on my car which previously ran but now will crank but won't start. 

Background: I have a 2011 Lexus I350 that was supercharged about 9 months ago. 

The issue: 

About a month ago I noticed a considerable drop in power whilst driving back home, I had since then jacked up my car and saw that my tensioner for my supercharger pulley had been malfunctioning which is what I assumed was causing the loss of power. Since then I have fixed the pulley and ordered a new belt and it seems to be working fine. I test started my car about a week ago and it ran fine, and now it will crank and sound like its almost going to start and then die. 

History: In terms of what has been changed/checked these are the following: 

- Spark plugs & coil packs were replaced about 3 months ago 
- Car's engine is was changed 20,000kms ago and is due a change, engine oil levels have been checked and they look okay. 
- All belts on the car have been checked and when cranking they seem to working fine. 
- Since the car cranks and sounds like it almost is going to start I assume the starter motor is relatively okay (just an assumption) 
- I have tested the battery, and tried running using a jump start kit to see if it was a battery issue, saw no improvements.
- After some googling saw that the MAF sensor is a common issues, has been cleaned and reinstalled saw no improvement. 
- Isolated the whole supercharger system and the car seems to be getting air fine, I don't believe its an issue to do with the supercharger itself. 

In terms of fuel, I can 1 smell that there is some unburnt petrol when I try and start the car, I can hear a few combustions but not enough for the car to actually start. 

I don't think its has to do with the fuel pump itself, and maybe the injectors? 

I am currently checking for fuses to see if anything fuel related has been blown and needs to replaced. I am also getting the car scanned in a few days to see if its pulling any codes. 

Any advice on what could be preventing the car from running would be greatly appreciated, as I am just lost atm. 

I have also linked a YouTube video on what the start up actually sounds like. 

Sorry for the long post

Thanks in advance 🙂 


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