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Brake and Abs malfunction 2011 450h

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3E2CA5E7-68E3-4BED-89D9-94183DB45810.thumb.jpeg.eaa59d2848a346ba0ed7cc12d6d26065.jpegMy 2011 450h with 240k has recently developed an intermittent issue where the pictured lights ( apologies for blurry pic) and alarm sound while at the same time the brakes lose most of their power / become spongy. 
Have tried a software reset ( battery disconnect/reconnect) to no avail.

My mechanic hooked up the tester which indicates code B2060 “ ABS system malfunction”

Wondering if anyone else has experienced similar issue and wether it was also intermittent as mine seems to be. Can drive for 100kms no problem then out of the blue alarm sounds etc. Still possible to drive but with next to no brakes and alarm sounding…

Had a look at wheel speed sensors and they seem ok ( fairly clean).Just seems odd that the car can be driven such a distance between alarm soundings 🤷‍♂️
Warning lights are currently off and all’s normal but need to get to the bottom of this works/ doesn’t work dilemma .CAC10C4F-5904-4281-997D-8B57CF038C93.thumb.png.021ff7af8385568234609970efdc159c.png

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Well- my local mechanic threw his hands in the air. “ will need reprogramming by Lexus- you’re best to take it to them” his parting words.

Rang my local Lexus dealership and was told $220 to analyse the fault.

As per prev analysis- new brake booster pump , accumulator and actuator module needed replacing.

Cost for new Lexus parts 14k!!!

Paid not a lot more for the car used so that wasn’t happening…

Lexus kindly offered to ring around the  car wreckers for suitable used parts .

After several days trying- result nil.

Long story short I hit the phones and internet and within a couple of days found two complete units- one wanted $3500 the other $1000 posted from NSW. 
A few days later parts arrived and I took them to the dealership and was quoted $1550 to carry out the work.

Got a txt a couple of days later- car ready. All up repair cost  inc used parts & labour $2550. I also had my mech replace a wheel bearing and hub which he thought might be causing the abs fault due to play at one of the speed sensors ( probably needed doing anyway) $550 so $2550-$3100 depending how you cut it and I’m released from purgatory with joy returning to my life 🙂

Purchased 3rd used 450h yesterday.

Love the car- so comfortable and well thought out with maybe the design of the abs system not perfect . Seems there was a recall regarding the abs ( in the states at least)..

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We’ll going by the lack of availability of used parts from the car wreckers it’s more common than we think. There are Chinese abs module knock offs available but dubious quality? and delays sourcing those.

One thing I hear is regular brake fluid replacement ( every 2 years ) is good insurance against abs system failure ( lots of fine passages that can get clagged up in module) and also as a first port of call if experiencing abs issues ( which Lexus tried but sadly to no avail in my case 😪

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I had the same problem that year and had to leave my car at the service center for two months, hopefully you've fixed the problem by now! good luck

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