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IS200 Engine Swap Query

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Hey guys, I have a 99 IS200. I’m now bored of the NA 1GFE and am looking for power. I’ve read around that turbo’ing the 1g isn’t worth over a swap… I am open to swapping it as I am an apprentice mechanic so it is doable, but how do I find the right engine for the right price. 

I’ve looked into the 3SGE, but many forums say that the wiring challenge makes the 1J way more appealing (correct me if I’m wrong), my question is how and where do I find a 1JZ-GTE for a reasonable price. Wherever I look it’s all priced at 5 figures!

Also what is the best manual box I can swap in now (with the 1GFE) that will future proof a swap in the future? 

Many thanks

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there no easy cheap way in a engine conversion

1jz swap will cost you 20K to do properly

2jz more

for a 3SGE u might as well sell your car and get a altezza 

best manual box to suit now for future?

 none just keep ur standard box and swap them out when you do decide to do the conversion

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