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Is Tyre Wear

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Matt was turning around in my drive the other night when I glanced at his tyres. With the wheels on full lock I could see that the inside tread was completely worn off, yet the rest of the tyre was great.

This has been covered in the UK forums, and is a Lexus problem. Sometimes it takes only 6000km to ruin a pair of tyres. The dealers often front up and replace them, but not always.

I think it affects the 6cyls more than the 4cyls, and I suppose it is toe-out doing it. It would pay to keep an eye on your tyres by looking with the steering on full lock so you can see the whole pattern. Some people said they had the dealer check the wheel aligment and it was OK, others had independant people check it and adjust it.

Anyone had problems?


PS- Greeneyes had the rears replaced at 47000km,and there is still a few months left on the fronts. Thats a 4cyl engine.

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Funny thing: Both my front tires used to wear heavily on their right sides. I.e. the right one on the outside, the left one on the inside. (Dunlop Sport 9000).

Might be thinking I would go on a left-bend race track. Nope, just straight motorways.


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hmmm, now that is a bit of a worry Kroebje. What did a 4wheel alignment show? Would it find a bent chassis?

I remember watching the car in front of me crab sideways down the road a couple of years ago. I jumped out at the lights and told the lady driver, who said it was only two weeks old!. Obviously the factory hadn't done a correct wheel alignment, or the body pan was not right!

Welcome to the club-


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When i got new mags, saw old tyres heavy worn on inside after six months!

Thatd because the Standard Altezzas is already fitted with factory lowering springs...and you lower it by another 30mm....so thats might be the case, also don't trust Mag and Turbo on their alignment...

Matt :D

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