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Rs200 And Is200

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...and VERY different under the bonnet! Exhaust and intake on opposite sides, so all the engine plumbing is completely different. We had Gav's bonnet up, (TRD AS200) Matt's IS300, and a 3SGE (4ROLLN's I think) and all engine intake systems were different. I can't see any of the cross-strut bars fitting the other models, or the air filters.

The springs are quite different, looking at the ride heights of Altezza & Lexus, and I'm sure the shock absorbers would be different too. The mounting points on the chassis should be the same tho'.

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Let me correct that figure.....

JDM AS200 (IS200) 118kw

JDM RS200 (Auto) 147kw

JDM RS200 (Man) 154kw

Lexus IS200 114kw

Lexus IS300 157kw

i found out that any strcut brace that fits IS300 will fit IS200...but RS200 strcut is not going to fit IS200 or 300, springs will be different due to different weight of the cars and weight distribution...

Sways will probly be the same, no problem with rear strcut. Filter wise IS200 uses different filter, one of the oddest one on earth I will have to say. Rs200 uses the saem air filter as IS300 and all 2JZ engines...more info PM me.......


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