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Question: I got a 4 cylinder altezza, is that equivalent to the lexus 200 ? I want to modify this baby to performance level in gradual steps. Need some guidance. Also looking for the turbo kit :D . any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

The 4 cylinder Altezza (RS200) Model (SXE10) Chassis Code (3S-GE) Enigne, is not an IS200, the IS200 has a 6 cylinder. But its got alot more power anyway so you do not have to care...performance wise, there are a few turbo available...but if you do not wish to spend a few thousand dollars Filter + headers + cat back exhaust + S-AFC II Tuning can get you abother 30-40 hp at the rear wheels easy.

Matt :)

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keep in mind that you already have 11.5 to 1 compression, so putting in boost over about 7lb could be catastrophic. A couple of the guys here have turbos fitted, so they might tell us what sort, what boost, and how much.

You can find out a lot from the "Lets Altezza" websites in Japan, but you will need babelfish to translate the pages into Engrish. This is a quick summary of some of the cars there-

Welcome in

keith :)

Y63/$NZ jan ‘03


Year system 2002

ALTEZZA * RS200 (Z) * 6m/T latter term

TRUST/GCReddy turbo kit $3650

BLITZ/ racing plugs 8 $158

SARD/ heatproof tape $47

TRUST/ boost gage /TRUST/ temperature gauge * radiator pipe

Shipfitter expense $800

Purchase price (including tax) $4920

It is good the place

At the low-speed torque UP it became easy to ride. When boost spending, the acceleration impression does not accumulate. Just a little about noisy N1 muffler sound became good.

It is bad the place

When it is cold, sometimes it wears, (the winter 7th is good, it seems) the case of the booth, inhalation sound the Imai ち (sound of the bean っ て feeling)


Attaching also the heat shield, you received, but when it runs the pass, directly the turbine becomes red. **time-out** oil temperature NA rise easy be summer season circumstance with oil cooler necessary?

2001 year system ALTEZZA * RS200 (Z) * 6m/T

TRUST/GCReddy turbo kit $2730

Defi/LinkSystem (boost gage) $222

Defi/LinkSystem (oil temperature $175

Defi/ControlUnit2 $127

BLITZ/DUAL SBC speC$s $254

Shipfitter expense D.I.Y. For the sake of no charge

Purchase price (including tax) $4445

Purchase reason

It was power insufficient to letting flow with the pass. The car is fumbled simply the favorite.

It is good the place

The computer it is possible and is very good. Idling and the like is stable. Power rise of limited level is possible with the „É©„ǧ„Éà„ÉÅ„Éo„ɺ„É>=„ɨ„Éô„É´. (The above this exchange of the INJ and the fuel pump is needed) as for the TRUST the kit coming out, being „Çã, intercooler additional occasion does not have to make the piping with one off.

It is bad the place

The installation manual is recognized a little. Boost rises up to 0.5 with the full throttle, it meaning that adjustment with the actuator rod is

difficult, it purchases also the „Éñ„ɺ„Ç>=„É>=. Spitting of the

turbine is noisy. As for the data of the „ǵ„Éñ„Ç>=„É>= being not to

be rewritten, if you desire the „Ç<pi>„ÉÉ„ÉÜ„ÉÉ„Éó„Ç¢„ÉÉ„Éó the above this, the „Ç™„Ç<pi>„Ç<pi>„É° it is not possible.


Being to be the winter, there is no oil cooler with for the present the unconcern. Because with the flywheel exchange being completed, there is no intercooler is, the response is good well enough, is. After all durability and trouble it is worry. Especially, it is the DIY and. Because

so the fog beam cost merit is large, don't you think?.

* Year system 1998 year system

ALTEZZA * RS200 (Z) * 6m/T previous term

TRUST/GCReddy turbo kit $3650

TRUST/ oil cooler

TRUST/ intercooler

BILLION/ thermo- cross $110

BILLION/ thermo- vantage 90 $75

Shipfitter expense D.I.Y. For the sake of no charge

* Purchase price (incl tax) $3565

Purchase reason

Acceleration force applies was acquired

It is good the place

You did not know slowly it departs, but. If you depress, the difference is recognized clearly. Well when you compare to the other car of the 280ps, being there is no many thing the sufficient for the ginger and Al.

* It is bad the place

It is not separately. Because it is accustomed to taking in the space which does not have the NA the hand and the tool did not enter and job was serious. Unless thermal measure will have to be been secure, you


* To manufacturer

Also idling which is been worried stabilizing, don't you think? it is good workmanship without either stalling. If possible, the instruction manual already a little detailed.

ALTEZZA * RS200 (L) * 6m/T

TRUST/GCReddy turbo kit $3650

Intercooler Kit

TRUST/ oil cooler kit

APEX/EL boost meter

TRD/ low temperature thermostat

Genuine coolant

Genuine oil & draining plug &

oil element

Genuine power steering fluid

expense total (including tax) $7780

It is fast after all, is. Low revolution (near the 2000rpm) from boost catching, handiness of the low-speed limits rose markedly.

furthermore it increases also the acceleration impression of coming with the „Ǩ„ɺ„É>= from the 5000rpm. The „ǵ„Éñ„Ç>=„É>= which has belonged to the turbine kit (burning pitch & ignition timing revision) it is possible and it is above expecting. A / F 10.5: Stabilizing at approximately 1, it increases, when (depressing). It does not

receive the feeling may be broken. Also idling stabilizing, it increases.

* Heat inside the engine compartment due to the fact that the turbine is attached. Secure, unless thermal measure it does, whether the

trouble which is not occurs, * *

* Intercooler the bumper must be processed rather for installing.


It meaning that oil temperature and the like rises, the supplemental devices (the intercooler & the oil cooler) you think the one which is

installed is better.

Gear ratio summary of each mission

6MT (note) 6MT 5AT 4AT

1st gear 3.106 3.874 3.357 2.450

2 2.175 2.175 2.180 1.450

3 1.585 1.484 1.424 1.000

4 1.223 1.223 1.000 0.730

5 1.000 1.000 0.753 -----

6 0.869 0.869 ----- -----

Rev 3.672 3.672 3.431 2.222

Diff ratio 4.300 4.300 4.100 4.300

Note was in Japanese, something about cross-ratio

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