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Carpark Damage And Vandals

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Was just reading below about the people who got there cars keyed in Otahu. I have noticed that this is becoming more and more common now. About 2 months back there was a little artical in the Local Eastern Paper about how some people and walked over the top of just about every car from start 2 finish on Bucklands beach road. It is a very long road.

Also about 2 months ago my 180SX got given a huge dent in the rear left quarter by someone in my own work carpark. No notes and nobody owned up to it. Is costing around $400 to fix as it is in such a hard place to fix.

I see people do it all the time. Sometimes they are doing it on purpose e.g. opeing there car door onto other cars hard kicking the cars etc. Or just some idiot doing damage without even thinking. Like placing a box on your roof then dragging it off while they open the boot or door of there car.

I think if we see this happen to someones car, help that person out. Take down the details of the car that did the damage or even approch the person who did it. I know I would like someone to do that for me.

The worst case I have heard about was caused on my Dads Jag XK8. He was parked at the bottom of town in front of a pub while just down the road. Another brand new Jag tried to park in front of him but it was a tight squeez. The person reversed into my dads Jag and broke the headlight and left quite a bit of damage. Some guys in the pub saw the whole thing. The guy then wrote his details on a Card and left it on my dads window. Fair enough. When my dad returned he was gutted. He read the card which said the following. "Sorry about the damage mate. There is some guys at the pub watching me. They think im leaving you my details. *BLEEP* happens"

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