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have a SXE, and just this weekend i was checking my engine, routine maintenance. i realize that there was oil on my engine guard. it would "seem" as though oil is coming from my crankcase seal, at one side.

I have never seen this before. i was runnin the car rather hard the night before. checked my oil level both manually and via the in dash guage. they all seem pretty ok to me. i took her for a drive later that evening and i didnt see anymore oil than what was there but i was merely crusing round town.

last night, i gave her a bit of excercise and this morning and saw oil spots where I parked signalling that more oil had spilled. i am now assuming that under high pressure the oil is leaking, u guys familiar with this case ? and is the fix merely changing the crankcase gasket or using a sealant or something ?

Thanks alot guys

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Ok folks, went and got the car checked by the local dealer. they found out that my oil pressure switch was leaking. unfortunately they didnt have it in stock so i had to go and purchase it at a retailer for crazy dollarz. after paying that hefty fine i decided not to go back to the dealer to install it, cause i know they gonna charge me an arm and a leg. took it to my boy who replaced it in no time. We noticed that the car was fitted with an aftermarket performance oil pressure switch, so we figure it has done its time. still watching this stock one to see if it handling the mods on the car.......

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