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Brakes And Suspension(aristo)

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The brakes on the Supra are bigger but I have been told that if you cut the plate at the back of the brakes on the Aristo, (help me out with a better name for it someone), then the Supra calipers and discs will fit, provided you also have wheels that are bigger to clear the bigger brakes. Obviously, the next answer to your question is no as well cos the Supra has bigger brakes therefore bigger pads. After saying all that, unless you modify the car dramatically, the brakes on the Aristo are pretty good I think.I would be looking at cross drilled or slotted discs and a better pad before considering the huge cost involved with upgrading to Supra brakes as good as they are. Horses for courses I guess.

The suspension is similar on the front with these vehicles as I have heard but very different on the back. You have to order suspension specifically for the car. If you want to upgrade, then the way to go is coilovers. Around AU$1000- for a good second hand set and anywhere from about AU$1300- to over AU$2000-. Again, this depends on how far you want to go. The good thing about coilovers is the ability to lower the car a bit. Just be careful when you buy cos you don't want the ride too hard for street use. I think it would drive you mad. Especially in a car like the Aristo. You want to improve handling without being too harsh I guess.

It shouldn't be too hard to get coilovers cos I have seen them for sale on quite a few Aussie sites including this one.


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