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hey guys

i just got a few questions regarding the monthly maintenance of my car

1. does anyone know how much litre is the windscreen wiper reservoir is? and is it ok to use tap water to top it up with some windscreen wiper detergent?

2. do people know how i can flush the coolant system? and how many litres does it hold?

3. how do i flush the engine oil system? and how many litres is this?

and lastly, are my questions too in depth for a general thing to do on a saturday arvo or should i just take it to a mechanic?

just asking for future reference, not that there is anything wrong with my car, only 2 days old :P

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I don't think you need to flush anything just yet. Everything that has been filled up are all geniune fluids. I would leave things as is but if you really want to do it, do the engine oil (leave the coolant alone). With engine oil, i'm assuming you want to change to Mobil 1 or equivalent which would be 5-30W, this is the recommended spec and is what should be in your car now... i recon a normal oil and filter change should be enough. If you're pandentic, do the oil change now and do it again in a couple of weeks time, just to flush out the initial oil.

Remember to read the manuals before doing anything.

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well if you tilt the front end further than the back, then more oil will come out, draining all of the oil out then putting in new one would be flushing wouldnt it?

from that thread, i dont think you can fully flush the oil system, cause theres always some left from the piping and stuff

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Just do a couple of changes in short period and that should do it.

For the coolant, there is a prcocess of actually flushing things out, just read around.

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as i said already

im not going to do anything

im just curious as to whats the process for future references

Don"t forget you don"t have to take your car to a lexus dealer, if you know a decent machanic who is cheaper use him or her and make sure they stamp the books. Better to put the extra money saved into your pockets then theirs.


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