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What Oil And Stuff Goes Into Our Cars?

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Hi guys, i'm such an idiot for asking these questions :P , but i really want to know, just what exactly do our cars need in the oiling dept.? i've got a 6 speed manual. i need engine oil, then what else?? :o , in other words, what do i check for when i pop the hood? another thing, can i pour distilled water into the coolant? because that's what the gas station ladies do to my car when i get gas. damn do i feel stupid! :P

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Im using castrol magnatec 10w 40 oil in the engine which I change every 10000kms now along with the oil filter.

Toyota reccomended to me a a 10w40 or 15w40 oil.

When under the hood I check the engine oil level, coolant level, clutch fluid level, powersteering fluid level, brake fluid level, battery fluid level and then the condition of the airfilter element and all the water and air hoses.

checking the brake fluid level gives a good indication of how worn the brake pads are, the more they are worn the less fluid there will be in the reservoir, as long as it hasnt leaked out else where first.

using distilled water is actually better for the cooling system as far as I know because there are no minerals in the water that will build up within the engine (same goes for the water in the battery) and make sure the water is mixed with glycol antifreeze that has anti corrosion additives in it. (but dont put antifreeze in the battery)

hope this helps

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ensure u get a fully synthetic oil, i used amsoil or Mobil 1, the wieghting of the oil depends on the climate u in. the sythetic will last u up to 10G km but i dont run it that long, i usually change between 6G km and and 7Gkm. just to kinda keep that oil fresh u know....

ensure that u use ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) for power steering fluid. thats what the car uses.

i use the same fluid for clutch fluid/brake fluid.

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