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I know many of you guys have been asking about these before...so I will do a groupbuy on them, off course the more we order the more we save!

TRD Radiator Cap 1.3 $45.00 Normally $50.00

TRD Radiator Hose (Upper) $130.00 Normally $141.67

TRD Oil Filler Cap

Type 1 (Aluminum) $150.00 Normally $163.34 Type 2 (Gold painted) $150.00 Normally $163.34 Type 3 (Plastic) $100.00 Normally $108.34

TRD Shift Knob (Leather)

$38.00 Normally $41.67

Tom's Super Ram II Panel Filter SXE/GXE10 $145.00 Normally $158.34

Tom's Radiator Cap 1.3 $43.00 Normally $46.67

Explosion Style Eyelids $135.00 Painted Normally $150.00 Painted

Ok thats it for now...any more ideas or info pm me or e-mail...mcdonwell@hotmail.com

MSN = mcdonwell@hotmail.com,

AIM = frylaiIS300


Matt =)

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If anyone got ideas of what they might want let me know so I can set up a groupbuy for that item!!!

Matt =)

hey bro, send me an email if i am not on MSN, and tell me when are you going to ship those eyelids.. I need to tell my friends.

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