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Aftermarket Wheel Sizes And Offsets For An 08 Is250

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I have just ordered an IS250 Prestige in black with option pack and sunroof and will be adding some nice wheels, lower it just slightly and normal add ons like tint, satnav/dvd mod and ipod mod.

I have been looking at a wheel the BBS CHpost-2322-1205025773_thumb.jpg

Not sure what size and offset will fit, these look like 19's? But they only advise of an 18' fitment.

It would be great if we could get some info on whats been done in terms of wheels and lowering and what looks good on IS250's.

i'm only new to this, so my bad if this has been covered or the photo dosen't work.

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I am pretty sure that the 08 IS 250 can be fitted with 19s because i saw one fitted with Tom's 19s with full body kit at the chatswood showroom. Not sure from a legal standpoint though... but technically speaking, it appears to be possible. However, another point that you may want to look into is whether an aftermarket wheel accessory will affect warranty or not!

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I wouldn't think aftermarket wheels would affect warranty to some extent. It would if a fault were to be traced back to be modification made to the car then it would be a proven case.

For instance if a warranty claim were to be made on a faulty exhaust then it should be a valid claim as it has nothing to do with putting on aftermarket wheels. Compared to suspension type claim if your shocks go then it's kinda linked to the wheels. If you know what I mean.

My 2c

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From my last conversation with my insurer NRMA, they told me that i can go 1" up from the largest offerring on my car. This means if the placard has 16,17,18 inches, then the largest offerring means 18s. So 19s would be ok. The only other question is the width of the rims, one would think 1" wider also.

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