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2-din Receiver

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anyone has any good suggestion on buying a aftermarket receiver? i like to keep the factory speakers... (i am not into car audio, so i only know there is a receiver and some speakers)


anyway, my system's has the same old cd jamming problem. i am thinking about buying a new one. kenwood? jvc? they have double din unit which is what i want. can i just buy the receiver and had it hooked up to the factory's speaker? there is nothing wrong with the factory system.

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.



p.s. i need to cut a new key. is the rs200 key got radio stuff in it? should i get it cut at lexus?

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yep you can just replace the head unit (receiver) if you want

the only problem is, that the stock lexus din is an unusual shape, its wider than the standard din/double din shape

if you get an aftermarket headunit, you will most likely want to purchase an JDM din faceplate to house around your receiver. you can ask matt (frylai) to get one for ya

there is a pic in my siggy

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You can purchase any head unit you would like.

Beware that you have to consider the power rating of the speakers tho. I have just purchased the new panasonic head unit (70w x 4), and will be replacing the speakers at the same time. The factory speakers appear to be rated at 15-25W dependant on how many Ohms you are running!

From my understanding the set-up of the Altezza stereo is a lil funny also. I am not going to be taking any chances. I have heard word that the wiring is a lil funny, this does not surprise as I changed head unit in my mums Paseo today and that wiring was tad strange!

If you want a good deal for install, If you in Akl I will be using a mate of my brothers.

Contact Dave at Installer Services in New Market.

He will be able to get dash adaptor and install for great price.


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thank you very much guys. the info is very useful. i will keep note on the power rating issue. and thanks for your reply as well, Exeter.

does anyone know about the altezza key, does it require to be specially cut by Lexus/Toyota?

thanks again.

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not sure about the key

on the power rating issue i dont think it should be that much of a problem

i (stupidly) am running 4x45w through my head unit with 4x35w through a small amp to my speakers, im tryin to blow em to get an excuse to buy new ones but they dont seem to wanna budge

so it shoudlnt matter too much

oh and if you DO replace the speakers? i recommend rockfords new range of speakers...boy do they look SEXY


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I just installed the Panasonic CD-C9800 (70W x4) Headunit and what a difference!!!

Still running factory speakers in the front until this weekend until I change them over to Soundstream components. ;)

Because most of the altezza's run amplified systems, you usually need to run a set of speaker wires down to the passenger kick panel and them join all the speakers there. :rolleyes:

Otherwise you can buy an aftermarket adaptor which uses the amp thru the new headunit RCA leads, but I have found that this not ideal, as the factory amp is not that strong :lol:

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Very useful information shannon!

Would you say that the factory amp is lesser in quality and power rating than those in high end head units now? I've got an Alpine CDA-9813 waiting to go in which puts out 4x27WRMS - apparently very high quality.

I take it you're saying the amp is housed down in the passenger kick panel? So I should be able to work out if mine is amped by opening 'er up down there?

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I belive so. Most factory amplified systems aren't fantasic in the power department (maybe on 10-15W). :huh:

I think the amplifier is the black box with the heatsink on the side of it, but i found my speaker wires down further in the kick panel.

I decided to run new power and accesory wires to the headunit, as I didn't want to chop the plug, so you may have to do this unless ou buy the adaptor plug. :lol:

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Hi Dudes,

How are you guys running your sound systems, I would just like to see what the other Tezza owner are doing: I am not a *doof doof* kind dude

I am running:

Sony MDX870X MiniDisc Active Black Panel Headunit

Sony Xplod 10" Subwoofer (Octogan)

Sony 222 Amp

Sony DVD player

Alpine 6" Components with passive crossovers

Apline V12 250 Amp

Stock standard factory rear speakers


The whole systems is set up that the headunit is only powering the stock standard rear speakers, both of the amps are concealed under the front passenger seat.

Sounds much better than my previous car that I spent over $6000 , this system only cost a little over $3500



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Hi Zeo

Sorry bit late on this one.

I brought a Pioneer 8650 (4x50 Mosfet) for my Alteeza, had to buy new console pce to accomodate the new reciever, but still left room for a DVD player etc for future insallments.

At the moment im running Infinity Kappa series components and kappa 6X9 in the rear. Have a rockford 12'" but have not installed as have to get a Amp first, thinking of getting Alpine V12 4 channel to, and run the sub and the components off that and leave the 6x9 running on the headunit. those rockford components look awesome.

About the key i was thinking the same thing, i got told that the you can only get keys from toyota/lexus. But herd rumor that some key cutting places are now doing them??


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