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Opinions Please - Chrome Oem Grill

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Was flicking through CL and came across a chromed OEM grill. Must admit, not bad at all. Quite subtle but adds a bit of class.

Chrome plated plastic strips that fit over the existing grill.


eBay Grill

Cheap and easy mod.


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I was staring at the photo for about 10 seconds before the penny dropped. :unsure: It's the actual slats that have been chromed to match the surround. Very subtle, so I guess you can't go wrong.

Extra shiny grill to match extra shiny lights FrankyX?

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Hey FrankyX,

Would look alright against your black. But........... not really my cup of tea. I think a little bit too much "bling"!!

To be honest, I can picture it on a Hyundai luxury model. (if there is such a thing)! IMO, it will cheapen the Lexus.

If I were to rate it against the grills below,Hmmmmm, not sure! I guess they all play their role. ie. Do you want the "mean" look, or the "VIP" or I even the" Luxury saloon" look. I guess @ the end of the day, it's personal opinion!

(and no, im not fence sitting)!!!






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